Test I go

SEMAPI’s dynamic electric motor test and monitoring instruments are built to conduct condition monitoring tests of motors and generators from a Motor Control Center (MCC). The “Test I go” is the latest generation of battery-operated instruments that test motors and generators while they are in operation.


The MC5 monitor lets you measure mechanical vibrations. It’s 4-20 mA output works a signal transmitter for PLCs or DCS. With 2 additional relay outputs of Caution and Warning you can use it as a low cost monitor and great versatility.

DSP Remote Monitor

The DSP Compact WRM system is an eight-channel unit used to analyze and control machinery conditions caused by vibrations and other variables.It is a 24/7 controlling device that can communicate via a 802.11b/g industrial wireless network.


The Pocket VibPro Vibration Meter is the most reliable, and affordable vibration screening device available for frontline mechanical troubleshooting teams that need repeatable, severity-scaled readings of overall vibration and bearing condition

DSP Logger Expert

Now you can measure spectrum from 400 up to 25,600 lines and wave forms from 512 up to 16,384 samples. capturing acceleration, velocity, displacement and envelope, both AC and DC.

Tiny Remote Monitor

The TINY Remote Monitor (TRM) is a two channel equipment for vibrations and temperature condition control.
A 24/7 condition control that delivers the signals in 4-20 mA format to be read by any PLC system or by an own signal management system.