Vibration and temperature continuous monitoring system. Vibrations: Acceleration, Speed, Displacement and Enveloping 4-20mA outputs of the controlled variables ModBus/TCP protocol for SCADA systems Compatible with the DSP Machinery Control diagnostic software Configurable alarms relays Configurations via Wi-Fi Bluetooth readings with the Pocket VibPro BNC outputs for readings with data collectors

The TINY Remote Monitor (TRM) is a two channel equipment for vibrations and temperature condition control.
A 24/7 condition control that delivers the signals in 4-20 mA format to be read by any PLC system or by an own signal management system.
The measurements made in its two channels are: Acceleration, Speed, Displacement and Enveloping with conventional sensors and also temperature if dual sensors are used.
Each Channel bas a BNC connection that allows to ake analog signal of the sensor to be measured and analyzed by a conventional data collector without interfering with permanent signal monitoring.
It has an alarm system that activates 2 software configurable relays, and also an electrical security relay. Although a followup can be made with the DSP MC software with all the diagnostic tools, the control also can be don via PLC or SCADA system.
The measurements that are programed by points can be scalar or spectral, the variables are configurable in each point of the measurement and the characteristics of each measurement are extremely flexible.
The measurement routines of the configured machine points can be programed in automatic followup routines with different periods of time between measurement and measurement registration.
Ideal for critic and semi-critic equipments.
Allows for variation detection in the machine behavior that ensures avoiding a breakdown. With an early detection of the lubrication film defect a significant increase of the unit’s useful life can be achieved. It is very useful for confined machines or machines that prove to be difficult to access to. The TRM is an ideal system for the typical failure control in the industrial rotatings such as problems with bearings, misalignment, lack of adjustment, in any type of rotating, cavitations in pumps, fan imbalance and cooling towers, gear problems in gearboxes, etc. Programming and Configuration With an access to Wi-Fi the TRM allows for a fast and easy configuration at a distance from the variables to be measured, programming of the measurement’s periodicity, alarm setting and relay shooting, accessing to the same via a notebook, Tablet or smartphone. Dynamic Signal Output With a BNC connector for each channel the TRM allows to access the sensor dynamic signal by means of any conventional vibration measurer or analyzer without the risk of this affecting the continuous monitoring process of the controlled unit. By means of the Pocket VibPro you can capture the output of the accelerometer via Bluetooth System components: PC with Windows operating system (not included) Hardware TINY Remote Monitor. ICP type vibration sensors